RC Vehicles

Overview and Basics

RC Vehicles range from cars to trucks and other vehicles such as helicopters and airplanes. They can be either controlled from a infrared remote or they can be Radio Controlled vehicles where the control is done by a hand held device which sends radio signals to the vehicle.
RC Vehicles can run on battery or nitro gas depending on whether it is used for racing or as a toy for kids. The main purpose defines the category to be chosen for RC Vehicles.

RC Vehicles – Types
Numerous RC Vehicles are available in the market which includes:

  1. Toy Grade: These are first grade RC vehicles and are used by kids and young children for playing indoor. These are battery operated and generally the batteries are rechargeable.
  2. Ferrari Enzo Officially Licensed Sports Car by Silverlit Working Lights RTR Electric RC Car
    Ferrari Enzo Officially Licensed Sports Car by Silverlit Working Lights RTR Electric RC Car

    This beautifully crafted and fully assembled 1:16 Official Licensed Ferrari Enzo Remote Control Car is one of the best showcase models for any car enthusiasts. This car has Digital Proportional Remote Control. The Digital Proportional function allows precise turning angels even in high speed! Fully equipped with 2 headlights, 4 brake lights and 4 signal lights!!

  3. Hobby Grade: These are the beginner level RC Vehicles which are used by many young boys for playing and competing indoor and outdoor with friends in Car Races or Helicopter Fights. These run on Battery and can be recharged which makes it usable for several years. These are mainly used for Racing on streets.
  4. Hughes 300 RTF Electric RC Helicopter (Free Shipping)
    Hughes 300 RTF Electric RC Helicopter (Free Shipping)

    This awesome Hughes 300 electric RC helicopter can move Up, Down, Left and Right and is great for beginners and experts. This helicopter was designed with beginners in mind to help learn how to fly helicopters. The design of this helicopter allows is to be very sturdy and hover extremely well, plus it even has an adjustable gyro! The Hughes 300 will entertain you for hours. Comes completely Ready to Run and features a Proportional Control, Altitude and Rotor Speed Control, Flight Stabilizing System, and Lightweight Airframe. You can fly this helicopter outside or in your very own living room.

  5. Electric RC: These are motor operated RC Vehicles and replace the battery with a high powered motor which makes the car or vehicle run much faster. These are used for Racing and require high thrust. The motor generates power in this type of vehicle and makes it achieve higher speeds.
  6. Nitro RC: These use nitro fuel which is a methanol based fuel called nitro methanol and this gives immense power and speed to the vehicle. Nitro Methanol easily evaporates and contaminates so high care has to be taken while fuelling this kind of vehicle. These are the best competition to electric based RC vehicles.
  7. Gas RC: These are similar to Nitro vehicles as these also use fuel. The fuel combines gasoline and motor oil in these types of vehicles.
    1. Slot Cars
    2. RC Airplane
    3. RC Helicopters
    4. RC Cars
    5. RC Trucks
    6. RC Boats
    7. RC Submarines
    8. RC Tanks
    Space Spider Mini Wall Climber RTR Electric RC Stunt Car (Buy 2 Get 1 Free!)
    Space Spider Mini Wall Climber RTR Electric RC Stunt Car (Buy 2 Get 1 Free!)

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free!!! The Mini RC Wall Climber is an utterly astonishing, gravity defying, wall climbing RC car! Amaze your friends and family as you drive to the wall, and then up the wall! Once on the wall, you can turn in all directions just like you do on the floor! This remote controlled RC Mini Wall Climber does just what its name implies, it really does climb up walls! You can drive on windows, doors, walls and just about anything flat! Thanks to industrial fans and the advanced Air Venturi-like system, this zero gravity mini RC wall climber pulls air in under itself – magically holding to the wall while you drive! Drive it straight at the wall, and when it gets there it starts to tilt upwards and at 45 degrees. Then the Mini RC Wall Climber s Traction Technology kicks in, literally sucking the car to the wall. Once on the wall you can drive on the wall – as easy and fast as being on the floor. This Mini RC Wall Climber really defies gravity!!!

    These can be further divided into categories of vehicles manufactured in the above formats which include:

    Types of Antenna

    These RC Vehicles use mainly two different types of Antenna for receiving the signals. The technology used involves the transmitter sending a signal from the antenna of the hand held device to the receiver on the vehicle which receives and modulates the signal for moving the vehicle.

    These RC Vehicles are usually available at all the stores and come in a preassembled kit. This means that no part has be assembled before using these RC Vehicles. These come with a manual to completely understand the movement of the vehicles through various controls of the device included in the pack.

    Online Availability

    With the advent of internet, most RC Vehicles manufacturers and buyers have come closer and the websites of most manufacturers display the complete description and price of the products which can be bought online. The shipping takes around 6 to 10 working days and the toys are securely packed and delivered in good condition.

    So, the next time you think of buying a toy for your young kid, do not forget to check out the RC Vehicles available on the web.

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