RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters is a fascinating toy that gains fast popularity among children and adults. The new generation of RC Helicopters is extremely easy to maneuver and can be used in races, fights and competitions.  With little bit of training and some useful tips on flying RC Helicopters you can enjoy your RC Helicopter at fullest.

When you buying your RC Helicopter from responsible seller you are assured that your helicopter has gone through intensive testing for durability, stability, and battery life. You should not settle for anything less but high quality RC toy.

Some RC Helicopters are more popular then the others and it’s not without a reason.  Check each category to see which RC helicopter suites you the best. For example this Mini Intelli Heli RC Helicopter has dual fan-style blades for precision flight and that where you can show off as an expert on flying your RC Helicopter.  It comes in three different colors and frequencies so you can collect and fly three of them at the same time to have an ultimate fun with your friends.

Intelli Heli 3CH RTF Electric Mini RC Helicopter (Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!)
Intelli Heli 3CH RTF Electric Mini RC Helicopter (Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!)

Welcome to the future of miniature RC helicopter flight. We would proudly like to present to you for the first time ever, the new Intelli Heli 3CH Mini RC Helicopter! This state-of-the-art mini RC helicopter has counter-rotating blades which provide you extra stability and lift. It also comes with dual fan-style blades which allow for forward and backward movement, and they make turning left and right easier and more controllable than ever before. With three different colors and frequencies, you can collect all three of them and fly them with your friends! The Intelli Heli also comes with an integrated high-capacity Li-Poly battery which allows for flight times of 10-15 minutes on just a 20 minute charge. For a fun and unique flying experience, the Intelli Heli flies in at number one of all time!

Take a look at this one special RC Helicopter that combines the latest technology with top of the line components. When you want exceptional performance and quality for your money ESKY Belt CP 3D 6CH RTF Electric RC Helicopter would definitely be your choice.

ESKY Belt CP 3D 6CH RTF Electric RC Helicopter
ESKY Belt CP 3D 6CH RTF Electric RC Helicopter

This is the new ESKY Belt CP 3D 6CH RTF Electric RC Helicopter. Step up to a larger collective pitch heli than the Honey Bee CP2 or King II with the Belt CP. The Belt CP has a belt-driven tail rotor for smooth, vibration free tail control. The Belt CP is the new range developed by Esky. This is an RC helicopter with a small budget and a massive bite. It has been developed to rival the TRex in terms of capabilites and the Falcon 3D in price.

Check out the whole stock of RC Helicopters by clicking on any helicopter below and see it in action on Youtube videos where available.

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