Piano Wizard – The Easiest & Fastest Way to Learn How to Play Piano


The Easiest & Fastest Way to Learn How to Play Piano

  • Start Playing the piano in Minutes
  • Download 1000s of Play Along Songs
  • Choose Songs From Virtually ANY Artist
  • Experience the Piano Wizard Method
  • Learn to Read and Play REAL Music!
  • Your family can sit down at a keyboard today and learn how to play REAL music in a matter of minutes. With the fun of a video game, ease of DVD videos and convenience of printed songbooks you and your family will breeze through all the revolutionary Piano Wizard steps. You will also be able to download your children's favorite pop, rock, country, gospel or alternative tunes as well as classical and traditional pieces. Your family will receive a well rounded and exciting musical education that will never be boring or tedious. Go to PianoWizard.com/Christmas now to start your family's new favorite activity!

    Gift of Music: This season’s most appealing high-tech toys
    – the endless fun for kids and joy for parents and grandparents.

    Piano Wizard is a breakthrough technology that combines
    the fun of a video game with the fundamentals of playing piano. Your
    kids can start playing piano just in minutes not
    even realizing that they are learning the very essentials of music
    theory fast and easy, which is tremendous educational value.

    The secret to musical mastery is to enjoy your practice.
    Piano Wizard turns practice into a joyful fun experience instead of
    tedious painful chore that many of us remember.

    Musical notation is hundreds years old. It’s very complicated, confused
    and intimidated for many of us especially for kids. The theory is not
    about playing music – that’s exactly what stops so many kids from playing
    musical instruments and prevent them from being able to appreciate the

    Fortunately it can be reduced to “hit the right note at the
    right time
    ”. Get the kids playing first and let them
    get curious about how to express themselves in musical notation later

    Piano Wizard is a revolutionary system that allows even 4 year old child
    play Beethoven. It makes first few years of playing piano fun and not
    torture. Besides it builds a solid foundation for traditional music instruction
    backed up with your kids desire to learn more. It’s like training wheels
    for piano.

    Piano Wizard is changing the way people learn to play music.
    The core concept is easy and can be explained in the following 5 steps.

    Step 1:

    Just hit the game objects at the right time and you’re playing
    a song! The game objects rise from the bottom to the top along a corresponding
    colored line that matches the color code of the key being used. The key
    is pressed when the game object reaches the matching key of the piano
    graphic at the top of the page and the game object changes as the note
    is played.

    Step 2:

    The game rotates and you begin to see how written music is organized.
    This allows the student to quickly adapt to the horizontal nature of music
    notation and assists in coordination by keeping the right hand corresponding
    to the game objects on the top of the screen and the left on the bottom.

    Step 3:

    Game characters become color-coded notes on a musical staff, taking
    you into the world of real musical notation. Notes and rhythm become second
    nature. This transition allows the student to keep the same key matching
    color scheme while learning musical notation.

    Step 4:

    The colored notes change to black on a musical staff, making the
    transition to reading actual musical notation fun and effortless! The
    student is now playing and reading music.

    Step 5:

    Take it to a real piano with the Piano Wizard Academy! This is
    playing from the sheet music at a real piano. This is where the true strength
    of the Piano Wizard Academy is found, taking it to the piano with the
    “Art of Music”: Phrasing, Posture, Dynamics and Technique. The Tutorial
    DVD and Songbook lessons guide you through the process.

    Piano Wizard combines the fun of a video game with
    the fundamentals of playing piano. Anyone can sit down at a keyboard
    today with The Piano Wizard EASY MODE or PREMIER,
    and experience how Allegro has magically turned what once felt like
    practice, into feeling like child’s play with its revolutionary Piano
    Wizard Method.

    Advanced features available in The Piano Wizard PREMIER
    allow you to download unlimited MIDI song files into your computers.
    Learn to PLAY your favorite songs, anything from Beethoven to U2.
    The Piano Wizard PREMIER allows every family member to easily download
    and learn to play any MIDI song file, from virtually any artist, whether
    classical, pop, rock, country, gospel, alternative, or the ones you
    create yourself.

    The musical education through Piano Wizard will never be boring or tedious.

    Make your Holiday gift is a very special one – a gift of music
    that will enrich your kid’s life forever.

    your Piano Wizard now


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