How to Jump and Drive an RC Car

RC Vehicles and Cars have been around for sometime now and the largest numbers of users are kids and young boys. These fascinating pieces of Remote Controlled Vehicles are designed for use by kids as toys. Young boys can use them as hobby cars for racing and competing with friends.

Anybody can drive a RC Car but the skill required to make the RC Vehicle move properly comes with practice and complete knowledge of controls. Some tips may also be followed to drive the car properly on carpet, mud, floor and on the streets. These tips will help you drive without hitting the walls, other cars or obstacles and running properly on the track.

Tips on How to Drive or Jump an RC Car

Driving an RC Car is not difficult and most people learn it with practice. However, there are some key points which if followed properly can help drive the car in an excellent way. These include:

  1. The main aim of the person operating the RC car should be to keep the vehicle on track and avoid hitting other objects which will either cause damage to the vehicle or cause it to lose the race.
  2. The operator of the RC Car should try to keep almost 3 inch distance from any object or track walls while driving to effectively keep the car on track.
  3. The practice and initial driving should be done slowly and high speeds should not be used in the first few sessions. This will enable the operator to understand the controls in a much better way.
  4. The driver should also try to drive the car on the track closely and should take care of at least the inner tire running on the track line so that better control is made.
  5. Corner Speed should be studied and effort should be made to improve it as the most risky and confusing part are the corners where the car hits objects. Control over turning shall help develop excellent control over the car. Initially the speed should be kept slow and increased slowly.
  6. Try driving with 2 charged batteries. It will allow a long practice session and the batteries will not need to be recharged.

How to Jump

Making an RC Car jump is the most striking features of the drive and it is done by various techniques. The jump can be made from a ramp or a mounted edge which launches the car in air. Mound of dirt is used to launch a jump on a dirt track and the jump can be made high or low depending upon the speed of the car. The mound should be sloping on one side which shall allow the car to slope down after the jump and come back on the track. Multiple mounds can be used for double or triple jumps with the speed being increased before climbing on the ramp and decreased before landing which shall allow the car to climb the next ramp.

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