How to Fly RC Helicopters

Flying a RC Helicopter in a living room can be exciting and can amuse people if done in the open. Boys and girls are fascinated by such electronic devices and love to play with these remote controlled toys which keep them busy for hours. Since these devices run on rechargeable battery it is economical. The toys can be used for competing in races also. It builds the expertise of the child over a period of time.

Remote Control or a hand held device controls the vehicle as it transmits an infrared signal from its transmitter and the vehicle receives the signal with the inbuilt receiver. This inbuilt receiver modulates the signal and guides the movements of the Helicopter. In order to get the signal clearly, battery should be charged completely and spare battery should be kept for practicing.

Anyone can fly an RC Helicopter but the same shall require some competence for expert flying. This is possible with practice and concentration which can be used while flying the Helicopter slowly, initially on lower heights, and increasing the speed and height as the person becomes an expert. Generally a 4 channel helicopter requires competence and some balance as the tail can move in opposite direction removing balance of the Vehicle.

8 Easy Tips on Flying RC Helicopters

Flying an RC Helicopter can be real fun. The following tips will make the game more exciting by enabling proper control and expertise on the vehicle. This includes:

  1. Charge the Battery fully and keep some spare battery for practice sessions.
  2. Check the Helicopters for any damages before the flight. If you find some parts broken, do not fly the Helicopter as this can result in an accident also.
  3. Check the Transmitter and Receiver for signals.
  4. Check the balance of the helicopter as it should not be tilted before flight.
  5. Turn on the transmitter and push the throttle down slowly.
  6. Lengthen the Antenna to have good signal
  7. As the light appears on the receiver, pull the throttle up for flight.
  8. Adjust the rudder if the helicopter spins to one side.

By following these steps, the helicopter can have a successful flight and the speed can be increased or decreased according to the height.

One should try to read the remote control manual and also take key points into consideration before flying a helicopter. If any parts of the helicopters are found loose in inspection before flight, the same should be screwed. The wings should be checked for proper flying as unbalanced wings can spoil the balance while flying.

Online Guidance

Complete guidance and tips on flying an RC Helicopter are available on the web. By searching online, one can find tips to become expert in helicopter flying. By practicing properly one can participate in races and move the helicopter in all directions including some stunts which are performed in the air. Indoor and Outdoor flights can be made using the remote control and complete control of the device should be understood to gain competence on the toy.

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