How to Buy Safe Remote Control Toy Car or Remote Control Helicopter

Many companies are there in the market providing RC Vehicles including RC Helicopters and RC Cars that run on battery or motor and fuel. The main difference behind these options is the usage or application of the vehicle. Toy cars are battery operated cars which run on rechargeable batteries and are operated remotely with a remote control. Some high power RC Vehicles which use gas and fuel to enhance the power of the vehicle are also available in the markets.

Nitro Cars use nitro methanol which is a harmful fuel and is prone to contamination and evaporation. Besides these fuels and gas can affect the health of the children if any intake is done by them. Children need to keep away from such harmful chemicals and so it becomes extremely important to buy RC Vehicles that use battery which can be recharged rather than harmful ingredients that can catch fire also.

Battery Operated – the best Choice

Battery Operated RC Cars and Helicopters are the best choice for safe toys and the same can be purchased from stores and online shopping. RC Battery operated Cars and Helicopters come in a wide range for children and they are completely safe as no fuel, gas or harmful chemical needs to be injected in the toy. Besides these do not catch fire and the battery is rechargeable.

Types of Battery Operated Cars

Numerous Types of RC Battery operated Cars are available in the market which includes:

1. RC Ferrari

2. RC Porsche 91

3. Electric RC Racing Buggy

4. RC Land Rover LR3

5. Bentley Continental GT RC

6. Cadillac CTS

7. Mitsubishi Lancer RC

8. RC Hummer Style 1/10

9. RC GMC Yukon

10. Ferrari 599 RC

11. RC Porsche Cayenne Turbo 1/12

12. RC Corvette Classic

13. RC Nissan Skyline

14. Mercedes SLR RC

15. RC Mercedes AMG

16. RC Lamborghini

17. BMW Coupe Series 1/10

18. Mercedes McLaren SLR Convertible

19. RC Audi R8

20. Ferrari Enzo

21. Honda Civic Si 2 EED

22. Ferrari F30 RC

Most of these cars are fun to drive and are economical in price. The quality of RC Cars has improved much since the latest electronic hand held devices have been put to use. These electronic hand held devices emit a signal from a transmitter and a receiver is placed on the RC Vehicles which receives the signals and modulates the signal into instructions. This moves the car or the RC Vehicle.

Types of Battery Operated Helicopters

Various categories of power exists for running these RC Helicopters but the most optimum choice for kids should be battery operated RC Helicopter. These come in various designs and models and are available easily at the web stores. These include:

a. RC Helicopters Hughes Edition

b. Extreme Micro RC Helicopter

c. Electric RC Helicopters 4 Channel Series

d. Toy Helicopters

e. Indoor RC Helicopters

f. Collective Pitch Capable RC Helicopters

g. Havoc Heli RC Helicopters

h. Super Hawk II

i. Airwolf 4

j. Intelli Heli 3

k. Shark RC Helicopter

l. Apache RC Helicopter

m. Hughes 300 Beginner

n. Robins 22 Blue RC

o. Palm Z

p. Trex 450 SE

q. Coast Guard Rescue RC

r. Black Hawk RC

Besides these various other models can be found at the web stores and their prices can be compared to suit the budget. The best RC Vehicles for children are battery operated and are safe as compared to electric, fuel or gas run RC Cars and Helicopters.