What’s new and exciting in a world of most innovative and fun toys? Here you will find articles and practical advices on how to select, maintain and have the most fun with different kind of RC toys and Robots.

RC Merc Car

There are many kinds of radio controller cars available, and range from uncomplicated “stop then go” toy cars to competitive racing car models, that have the characteristics of their real counterparts in all their complexity and adjustability. Nowadays, driving, building or modifying a radio-controlled car kit is increasingly becoming a popular hobby.

Anyone can fly an RC Helicopter but the same shall require some competence for expert flying. This is possible with practice and concentration which can be used while flying the Helicopter slowly, initially on lower heights, and increasing the speed and height as the person becomes an expert.

Driving an RC Car is not difficult and most people learn it with practice. However, there are some key points which if followed properly can help drive the car in an excellent way. Six easy to follow tips.

Besides these fuels and gas can affect the health of the children if any intake is done by them. Children need to keep away from such harmful chemicals and so it becomes extremely important to buy RC Vehicles that use battery which can be recharged rather than harmful ingredients that can catch fire also.